Spanish-speaking Jews in Puerto Rico

The Yiddish-speaking Jews are not the only Jews in the United States. Indeed, the Sephardim, Ladino-speaking Jews arrived earlier, but in what was then colonial Spanish New Mexico. Many were conversos: Iberian Jews, who had "converted" to Catholicism. Most came from 1880-1930 from Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, North Africa, Latin America, the Levant, Iraq and Iran. Ladino was their lingua franca. They were unwelcomed, even among American Jews because their Judaism was different. Still, they settled in the same areas, and are especially well known in Puerto Rico. They have developed their own arts, they have their own synagogues, and Ladino is taught in some U.S. colleges.

Ministry Obstacles
Because they are an unknown ethnic group, they are truly a "hidden people;" thus, the Church must become aware of their existence. Because they have often been subject to anti-Semitism, they are even less likely to be open to the gospel than the Ashkenazic Jews.

Outreach Ideas
There is no weapon against a Holy Spirit-generated love that Christ's ambassadors can demonstrate in practical ways to the Sephardic Jews in the US.

Scripture Focus
"And they were astonished beyond measure, saying, He has done all things well. He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak."  Mark 7:37

Scripture Prayer
Pray that this people group comes to understand that the wisdom, power and goodness of God are found only in Jesus Christ.

Prayer Focus
Pray that the church would find ways to develop culturally meaningful ways of reaching them. Pray that Messianic congregations would deliberately seek out Sephardim and love them into the Kingdom. Pray for a powerful movement to Christ among the Sephardic Jews this decade.

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