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Redesigned Unreached of Day Website

Unreached of the Day website

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Childrens Frontier Peoples Prayer Guide

View Cartogram maps

Children's prayer guide with Disney-quality graphics.
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Frontier Peoples Interactive

Explore visualization of frontier unreached people groups using your criteria.

People Groups of the World

People Groups of the World map

Progress of the Gospel among all peoples.
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View Cartogram maps

View cartogram maps where countries are sized proportional to specific data.

Unreached of the Day App


Join thousands around the world praying for the Unreached People of the Day.

Unreached of the Day Podcast

Get the Unreached of the Day podcast.

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Unreached Photo and Data app

Apple Photo and Data Gathering app.   Apple Photo and Data Gathering app.

Take and submit people group photos and information to Joshua Project.

India People Groups Map

View India people group map

Explore an interactive India district map for any people group in India.