Get involved with Joshua Project

Joshua Project is a non-profit Christian ministry focused on gathering and distributing information about the world's least-reached ethnic people groups.

All Joshua Project staff raise their own personal support or are self-funded volunteers. We are unable to offer compensation to any volunteers. Most of these opportunities can be done remotely. We welcome inquiries regarding staff and volunteer opportunities.

People Profile Writer: Help raise up daily prayer for people groups by writing unreached people profiles. Why not start immediately by writing a profile for the largest unreached groups? Here are some helpful resources to get you started:

People Group Researcher: In-depth, on-site people group research is urgently needed. Understanding a people group's worldview, culture and values is a critical first step in reaching a people group. Ethnographic surveys are needed to gather information, stories and perceptions that illustrate what is important about a culture. The Cultural Study Toolbox has been developed specifically as a guide for this kind of surveying. Helpful resources to get started:

Translator: We are looking for those who can help translate the following items into Chinese, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese:

  • Countries names
  • People group names
  • Prayer cards
  • Profiles of people groups
  • Resources for downloads

Please contact us if you plan to do translation so we can avoid duplication of efforts.

Be Radical: Help us translate the existing set of 366 Unreached People of the Day prayer profiles into a new language. Speakers of that language can then get the Unreached People of the Day by daily email. Contact us if you can help.

Photo Researcher: Pictures of the people groups really help us connect with them in a special way. Help us in our ongoing search for people group photos.

What photos are needed?

Photos ought to be:

  • Close-up quality color images of individuals
  • Representative of the people group and not very young or very old
  • Have permission to use the image is a must

Be Radical: Try to find a photo for all the people groups in one or two countries that are missing one. Or what about doing some traveling to take an original photo of a people group or two?

The Sonar, Hindus in India are an example of a unreached people group.