Language:  Naga, Ao

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Primary Language
(1 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Ao India 270,000
  Totals:  1     0
Secondary Language
(51 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Adi Minyong India 28,000
 Angami India 183,000
 Arleng India 585,000
 Bathudi India 267,000
 Bhotia India 133,000
 Bhotia Sikkim India 81,000
Bhottada India 539,000
 Bhumij India 1,306,000
 Bodo (Hindu traditions) India 1,837,000
 Chakhesang India 183,000
 Chang India 76,000
 Christian India 1,467,000
 Gangte India 25,000
 Garo (A-chik Mande) India 1,277,000
 Gond unspecified India 9,939,000
 Hajang India 87,000
 Haomei India 77,000
 Ho India 1,252,000
Hojai India 4,900
 Idu India 37,000
 Kachari Dimasa India 170,000
 Kachari Sonwal India 325,000
 Kahha India 62,000
 Khasi (War-Khasi) India 1,454,000
 Khiamniungan India 72,000
 Kol India 2,050,000
 Kolha India 828,000
 Kom India 21,000
 Konyak India 279,000
 Kuki Chin India 157,000
 Lotha India 206,000
Malto India 221,000
 Mech India 64,000
Miniyong India 9,200
 Mizo India 168,000
Mizo Lushai India 659,000
 Munda India 4,294,000
 Naga India 22,000
 Nissi India 46,000
 Oraon India 5,221,000
 Pnar India 324,000
 Pochury India 27,000
 Rajwar India 709,000
 Rengma India 80,000
 Sangtam India 89,000
 Santal (Sawntal) India 8,872,000
 Sema India 285,000
 Tikhir India 8,900
Viswerna India 4,300
 Yimchungra India 79,000
 Zeliang India 121,000
  Totals:  51     12

Language Alternate Names
Chongli (Chungli)
Dordar (Yacham)

Ao Naga
Mongsen Khari

Dialect Alternate Names

Bible Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions 1883
New Testament 1929-1995
Complete Bible 1964-2021

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Audio Recordings Audio Bible teaching Global Recordings Network
Audio Recordings Online New Testament Faith Comes by Hearing
Audio Recordings Story of Jesus audio Jesus Film Project
Film / Video God's Story video God's Story
Film / Video Jesus Film: view in Naga, Ao Jesus Film Project
Film / Video LUMO film of Gospels Bible Media Group/LUMO
General Gospel resources links Scripture Earth
Text / Printed Matter Bible: Naga, Ao YouVersion Bibles
Text / Printed Matter Topical Scripture booklets and Bible studies World Missionary Press

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