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No reported people groups speaking this as primary language
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Secondary Language
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Badhai (Hindu traditions) India 7,753,000
 Bairagi (Hindu traditions) India 4,170,000
Bania Gujar India 230,000
 Bania Lad India 158,000
 Bania unspecified India 16,927,000
 Banjara (Hindu traditions) India 7,176,000
 Banjara Rathod (Hindu traditions) India 498,000
 Bedar (Hindu traditions) India 2,418,000
Bedar Bile India 124,000
 Beldar (Hindu traditions) India 1,992,000
 Bhatia (Hindu traditions) India 277,000
Bhil Aher India 39,000
 Bhil Dubla India 151,000
 Bhil Mavchi (Hindu traditions) India 590,000
Bhil Nihal India 392,000
Bhil Paware India 122,000
 Bhil Tadvi India 553,000
 Bhil unspecified India 14,544,000
 Bhil Vasave India 1,392,000
 Bhoi (Hindu traditions) India 5,893,000
Bidur India 425,000
Brahmin Anavada India 30,000
 Brahmin Gaur India 3,645,000
 Brahmin Joshi India 449,000
 Brahmin Kanaujia India 5,102,000
Brahmin Mahratta India 557,000
 Brahmin Sanadhya India 3,236,000
 Brahmin Sawaria India 5,133,000
 Brahmin unspecified India 34,711,000
 Chamar (Hindu traditions) India 54,347,000
 Chamar Satnami India 2,103,000
 Chhipa (Hindu traditions) India 532,000
 Christian India 1,492,000
 Dabgar (Hindu traditions) India 137,000
 Darzi (Hindu traditions) India 2,464,000
 Darzi Namdev (Hindu traditions) India 139,000
 Devipujak Vaghri (Hindu traditions) India 664,000
 Dhangar Bharwad India 3,305,000
 Dhanka India 498,000
 Dhobi (Hindu traditions) India 12,571,000
 Dhobi (Muslim traditions) India 1,146,000
 Dhobi Parit India 300,000
 Gadaria (Hindu traditions) India 4,786,000
 Gamit India 541,000
 Ghanchi (Hindu traditions) India 135,000
 Ghisadi India 23,000
 Gond unspecified India 10,109,000
Gopal India 45,000
 Gosain unspecified India 1,371,000
 Gujar (Hindu traditions) India 8,481,000
 Hatkar India 417,000
 Jogi (Hindu traditions) India 3,785,000
 Kachari (Hindu traditions) India 98,000
 Kaikadi India 398,000
Kamathi India 254,000
Kanai India 73,000
 Kasar (Hindu traditions) India 777,000
 Kathodi India 371,000
Katia India 259,000
 Kawar India 1,185,000
 Khangar (Hindu traditions) India 406,000
 Kharia India 895,000
 Kharva (Hindu traditions) India 490,000
 Khatik (Hindu traditions) India 2,672,000
 Khatri (Hindu traditions) India 2,780,000
 Kokna India 1,282,000
 Kolhati India 34,000
 Koli (Hindu traditions) India 2,660,000
 Koli Dhor India 488,000
 Koli Mahadev India 1,985,000
 Koli Malhar India 369,000
 Koli of Gujarat India 9,821,000
 Koshti India 1,319,000
 Kumhar (Hindu traditions) India 18,593,000
 Kunbi (Hindu traditions) India 15,599,000
Kunbi Anjna India 459,000
Kunbi Ghatole India 258,000
 Kunbi Kadwa India 1,393,000
 Kunbi Lewa India 2,381,000
Kunbi Lonari India 119,000
Kunbi Tirole India 396,000
 Kurmi (Hindu traditions) India 22,483,000
 Lingayat India 4,059,000
 Lohana India 690,000
 Lohar (Hindu traditions) India 11,260,000
 Lohar (Muslim traditions) India 737,000
 Mahar (Buddhist traditions) India 11,284,000
 Mahar (Christian traditions) India 493,000
 Mahratta Jadhav India 3,314,000
 Mahratta Konkani India 667,000
Mahratta Kshatriya India 66,000
 Mahratta Kunbi India 9,014,000
 Mahratta Shinde India 655,000
 Mahratta unspecified India 31,321,000
 Mali (Hindu traditions) India 12,452,000
 Mang Garudi India 91,000
Matang (Christian traditions) India 220,000
 Matang (Hindu traditions) India 3,072,000
 Mochi (Hindu traditions) India 2,309,000
Molvi India 44,000
 Nai (Hindu traditions) India 14,026,000
Pangul India 25,000
 Pardhi India 430,000
 Pashtun, Pathan India 9,141,000
 Patharwat India 43,000
Prabhu Kayastha India 325,000
 Rajput (Hindu traditions) India 27,490,000
Rajput Mahratta (Hindu traditions) India 94,000
Rajput Sombansi (Hindu traditions) India 403,000
Ramoshi India 381,000
 Rangrez (Hindu traditions) India 420,000
 Sali India 1,218,000
 Shaikh unspecified India 71,641,000
 Sonar (Hindu traditions) India 8,255,000
Sonar Aksali India 80,000
 Tamboli (Hindu traditions) India 2,208,000
 Teli (Hindu traditions) India 22,267,000
 Thakar India 104,000
 Thakkar India 693,000
Tirmali India 17,000
 Vaddar (Hindu traditions) India 4,164,000
 Valmiki (Hindu traditions) India 5,795,000
 Valmiki Mehtar India 150,000
 Viswakarma unspecified India 7,599,000
 Yadav (Hindu traditions) India 40,856,000
 Yadav Dhindhor India 1,824,000
 Yadav Ghosi India 1,847,000
 Yadav Gola India 5,635,000
 Yadav Gualbans (Hindu traditions) India 5,780,000
  Totals:  129     124

Language Alternate Names


Dialect Alternate Names
Ahirani: Dhulia
Ahirani: Jalgaon
Kandesi: Ahirani: Dhulia
Khandesi: Ahirani: Jalgaon

Bible Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions Yes
New Testament 2017-2022
Complete Bible None Reported

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