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No reported people groups speaking this as primary language
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Secondary Language
(58 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Badhai (Hindu traditions) Nepal 37,000
Badhi (Hindu traditions) Nepal 44,000
 Bairagi (Hindu traditions) Nepal 280,000
 Bangali (Hindu traditions) Nepal 30,000
 Bhoi (Muslim traditions) Nepal 300
 Bhote Nepal 15,000
 Bote-Majhi Nepal 13,000
 Brahmin Hill Nepal 3,683,000
 Brahmin Terai Nepal 119,000
 Byansi Nepal 4,800
 Chamar (Hindu traditions) Nepal 369,000
 Chhetri Nepal 5,035,000
 Darjee Nepal 540,000
 Darzi (Hindu traditions) Nepal 8,500
 Dhanuk Nepal 252,000
 Dhobi (Hindu traditions) Nepal 129,000
 Domar (Hindu traditions) Nepal 16,000
 Dura Nepal 6,100
 Dusadh (Hindu traditions) Nepal 240,000
Gandharva Nepal 8,000
 Gharti Nepal 136,000
 Gosain Nepal 2,000
 Gurung Ghaleg Nepal 603,000
 Hajam Nepal 42,000
 Kahar (Hindu traditions) Nepal 62,000
 Kalwar (Hindu traditions) Nepal 129,000
 Kami Nepal 1,441,000
 Kumal Nepal 138,000
 Kurmi (Hindu traditions) Nepal 265,000
 Lohar (Hindu traditions) Nepal 118,000
 Lunia (Hindu traditions) Nepal 80,000
 Magar Nepal 2,164,000
 Majhi Nepal 96,000
 Nai (Hindu traditions) Nepal 135,000
 Newah Nepal 1,514,000
 Pahari Nepal 16,000
 Pasi (Hindu traditions) Nepal 4,500
 Qazi Nepal 12,000
 Rai Nepal 709,000
 Rajbhar Nepal 12,000
Raji Nepal 5,300
 Raute Nepal 1,100
 Sarki Nepal 430,000
 Shaikh Nepal 937,000
 Silpkar (Hindu traditions) Nepal 69,000
 Sonar (Hindu traditions) Nepal 75,000
 Sunri (Hindu traditions) Nepal 107,000
 Sunuwar Nepal 65,000
 Tamang Nepal 1,758,000
 Teli (Hindu traditions) Nepal 423,000
 Thakali Nepal 13,000
 Thakuri Nepal 487,000
 Thami Nepal 33,000
 Tharu Rana Nepal 238,000
 Tharu unspecified Nepal 1,753,000
 Valmiki (Hindu traditions) Nepal 6,500
 Yadav (Hindu traditions) Nepal 1,042,000
 Yakthumba, Limbu Nepal 444,000
  Totals:  58     55

Language Alternate Names


Dialect Alternate Names
Doteli: Baitadeli
Doteli: Bajhangi
Doteli: Darchuli
Dotyali: Baitadeli
Dotyali: Bajhangi
Dotyali: Bajureli
Dotyali: Darchuli
Dotyali: Khas
Khas Doteli

Bible Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions Yes
New Testament 2017-2022
Complete Bible None Reported

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